Thursday, 4 May 2017

SMILE 2017

The SMILE program is now operating as a clinical placement for nursing student completing their Primary Health Care Nursing subject.
We have had students organising health education sessions, health kiosk assessment and community forums for community members.
Feedback indicates a positive learning experience for both student and community member.
The SMILE 2 hour workshop also continues to be facilitated each week. Please enjoy the artwork created by students and staff below.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The SMILE Project 2015-2016

SMILE: The Simple Mental health Initiative in Learning and Education (SMILE) program has been operating for 12 months and is an extension of the stARTalking project. SMILE has provided health education to over 100 community participants to date. It has involved 35 La Trobe University students from nursing, nutrition and psychology. Students have facilitated the weekly SMILE 2 hour x 8 week health and well being workshops (under academic supervision).  The 1st hour was devoted to addressing the Australian Health Priorities and the 2nd hour for participants to engage in art making activities.

Art making and creative expression was encouraged to support reflective practice, stress management and as a way in which to reinforce learning.

A number of art works were created. The evaluations identified that the SMILE program had a positive impact on student and community member learning. SMILE will be continued in 2016.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

stARTalking 2015 Exhibition

stARTalking 2015 represents partnership and working collaboratively to create sustainable change and opportunity to vulnerable communities. We are very proud and thankful to all those who contributed.

2015 Exhibition

The stARTalking exhibition 2015 was a wonderful success!
The exhibition was officially opened by La Trobe University

Pro Vice Chancellor College of Science Health and Engineering Professor Graham Shaffer on the 21st February to coincide with Orientation Week. 
The artwork looked amazing and there was great attendance.
Thank you to all who came to support and we look forward to stARTalking developing further in 2015 -2016